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Product CarPC JoyCon - Steering wheel remote controller USB converter

Next version of CarPC JoyCon, CarPC JoyCon EX is available.


CarPC JoyCon converts steering wheel remote controller into USB keyboard.
You can control MediaPlayer or front-end(ex. CentraFuse) with your steering wheel audio remote controller.

Supports 2-wires resistance-output steering wheel remote controller
Supports up to 10 buttons + 1 delay button(even works at BIOS setup)
Supports Remote Wake-Up(You can wake-up your PC from sleep mode by pressing remote controller's button)

Supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows7, Linux
(But Joycon Explorer does not support Linux.)

Two adjustment is provided, so all resistance type remote controller works.
(0~100k ohm resistance output remote controller do not need adjustment.)

This is usual resistance-output steering wheel handle remote controller's circuit.
You can put additional buttons like green box below by DIY, if you want.

Supports graphical UI configuration program JoyCon Explorer


Supports "Mode Button"
"Mode Button" extends your steering wheel remote controller's function.
You can assign one of the remote controller's button to "Mode Button".
Preset is changed with "Mode Button" automatically.
OSD is displayed when you change preset with "Mode Button" and you can hear different sound.

Very small size

Easy setting.

CarPC JoyCon is discontinued.
The next version CarPC JoyCon Exr is ready.